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Special Needs Adult Ministry

Tucker First Baptist Church is supportive of a ministry to those with developmental disabilities and demonstrates this support through the following opportunities:

Sunday Morning Bible Study
In 1977, a 12 year old, developmentally delayed boy in our church family began to have difficulty main-streaming into the regular Sunday School class for children of his age. Identifying the need for a modified learning environment for this child, Kent and Fran Randolph began a ministry that is now known as the Randolph Special Education Division. Many people refer to the Special Education Division as the “Keenagers” and this name is descriptive of its members. The word “keen” means to be extremely sensitive in perception and this in one characteristic that is shared by all department members. “Agers” refers to the fact that this is not an age-specific division; children as young as five and adults as old as 70 have been members.

Special needs require creativity and flexibility with the Bible study curriculum and present a weekly challenge in how best to present God’s word. Each week, the “keenagers” gather for a time of arts and crafts, singing, and Bible study designed specifically for them.

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