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Our Story


The First Baptist Church of Tucker was founded in the railroad stop known as Tucker in 1893. Throughout the farming years of the early decades of the 20th century, the war years, the years of explosive suburban growth, and the years of more urban neighborhood stabilization, the people of First Baptist Church of Tucker have gathered together on the corner of Lavista Road and Main Street to worship, serve, and love. This service of worship became the catalyst for the organization of the church in September of 1893.  The church was born out of a desire to care for the needs of our community.

What makes First Baptist Church of Tucker unique?  First, we are committed to loving persons who are outside the walls of our buildings.  We teach, encourage and champion the idea that the church exists to partner with God in changing lives, neighborhoods, and communities.  This cannot be done if we spend all of our time in the church buildings.  

Second, we are committed to real hospitality.  We want every service, activity, meal, small group, and act of service to convey the radical, life-altering hospitality of Jesus.  We believe that real hospitality involves real conversations, compassion, and connection and we encourage our members to make this type of hospitality their personal passion, whether they are in the church building, or in the neighborhood.

Third, we are committed to intergenerational relationships.  We believe that children, teenagers, and adults of all ages grow best in relationship with one another.  So, we look for ways to learn spiritually from persons of different ages.  After all, we are all at different places on our faith journey, and whether it is in worship, Bible Study, serving children at one of our local public schools, or on a mission trip, we all need each other to grow in following Jesus.

Finally, at the core of our DNA as a church, we believe all people are precious to God.  Whether you are a person who feels deep dissatisfaction with God (if you believe in God at all) or a person who has followed Jesus for a lifetime, you are deeply loved by God, and we want to invite you to share the God journey with us.  After all, none of us are meant to live life on our own.  We invite you to come discover our family of faith.  Now that you have read a piece of our story, we would love to know your story.  

When one looks upon the logo of First Baptist Church of Tucker, one can clearly see a motto below the name: “Beyond Our Corner, Into the World.” While six words cannot tell the entire story of our church, these words paint a picture of our purpose and conviction. We exist to love and serve persons outside the walls of our buildings with the love and compassion of Jesus. The events we host, the worship services we conduct, the mission trip we take, the acts of service we do in our community, the small groups we host, the children, youth, and senior adult activities we provide all exist to equip us to live out a life of love and grace in our own neighborhoods. 

After 120 years, the desire to love and care for our community still rests at the center of our purpose.  Through all of the changes that have taken place, and continue to take place in Tucker, the desire of our church family is simple: we seek to invite Tucker, and our Greater Atlanta community to invest in knowing the love and compassion of Jesus.

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