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About us

The Sunday morning Worship Service meets at 11:00 a.m. in the sanctuary. First Baptist Church of Tucker is a congregation of all ages and of varied cultural backgrounds. We are committed to serving and worshiping together as a united body of believers, built together into a holy temple. As one expression of this commitment, we use a variety of musical styles within our single worship service each Sunday. The focus of our musical worship is congregational singing. A mixture of traditional hymns from various eras of Church history and newer songs are used every week. Great care is taken to choose songs that reflect biblical truths about God the Father and Creator, Jesus His Son and our Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit. These songs are sung to a variety of accompaniments: organ, piano, guitar, drums, and other instruments played skillfully by those God has placed in our congregation. There are also opportunities for rehearsed ensembles to lead: an adult choir with 20+ voices, a Praise Team led by 4-6 vocalists, children’s choirs, a Youth ensemble, and other groupings of trios or quartets or special ensembles. Occasionally, there are opportunities for drama, dance, or other creative expressions of worship during the corporate services. It is the desire of the staff and volunteer leaders within the Music Ministry to deepen our own understanding of and response to God, as revealed in Scripture, so that we can lead our entire congregation into greater levels of commitment to Him. We long for our lives to please Him more than our music ever could!

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