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Our Mission

First Baptist Tucker exists to make much of Jesus from our corner

to the ends of the earth.

Our Core Values

1. Biblically Faithful

Scripture is our guide. We believe it is God’s very word, graciously given to us. We love it, and we seek to order our living according to it.

2. Motivated by Grace

Grace changes us. We have received grace through Jesus and desire to extend that grace to others. Our lives are seasoned with the grace of Jesus.

3. Intentionally Present

Faithfully and consistently present in our church, in our homes, and in our community. We desire to be present in the time and space that God has put us in. Faithful members, faithful neighbors, faithful friends.

4. Mission Focused

Driven by the mission of Jesus. His mission is our mission. We want to make much of him in all that we do, whether here in Tucker or to the ends of the earth in other nations.

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